Post Construction

Site managers understand that cleaning the site during the construction process is essential to a better build and higher customer satisfaction. There are three main time cleaning should be done professionally, including pre-carpet, final cleaning, and touch ups. These services are described as such:


  • Floors cleaned of dust and debris before carpeting or other flooring is put down
  • Wood pieces, dust, and garbage removed from floors, vents, and ducts
  • All surfaces are prepared for carpet and flooring installers to immediately put down flooring

Final Cleaning

  • Service conducted after flooring is in, walls are painted, and cabinets are installed
  • All rooms are inspected for damages in need of repair
  • Small amounts of excess paint and glue removed from flooring
  • Location is deep cleaned and prepared for immediate use of owners
  • Cleaning includes, but is not limited to, (1) Dust removal, (2) Vents and ducts cleaned, (3) Windows and their frames cleaned, (4) Showers and tubs scrubbed, (5) Carpets cleaned, (6) Cabinets wiped down, (7) Furnace room wiped down and vacuumed


  • Cleaning areas in the location that may have been used or where a mess has been made immediately before final use
  • Service is not all inclusive and is meant for targeting areas that have become dirty since Final Cleaning

Roses Cleaning Services offers a Full Service Package which includes all three services bundled into a single contract. Partial service contracts are available, but future contract upgrades may lead to higher costs. Submit a form to get more information today!